Special Events

Special Events:


Ash Wednesday Service 2/26 @ 7pm

Fish Fries begin Feb. 28th – 4-7pm

Dec. 24th:

Candle Light Christmas Eve Service 11:00 pm

Dec. 15th:

Children’s Christmas presentation during church at 10:15 am

Preparing cookies that you have baked for our shut ins after church

Dec. 22nd:

Choir Special Music


The Resale Shop will close for Christmas break at noon on Saturday, December 21st. It will not reopen until Tuesday, January 7th 2020

The Shed will be locked at noon on Saturday, December 21st and will be unlocked on Thursday, January 2nd 2020









Hours & Info
(219) 785-2314
Sunday School 9 am
Worship Church Service 10:15am

Church Office Hours:
3:15 PM to 7:15 PM
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