September 2022 Words from the Pastor

Pastor Toby Beach

From the Pastor – September 2022

A hospital for sinners – not a museum of saints.

I recently preached on making sure we didn’t misquote things that Jesus said.  During that message, I talked about us being the church that welcomes everyone regardless of where they are at in life and that as a church, we are to be unified and stick together.  A church that model’s Jesus’ love.  I believe that we are that church and wanted to add that if we want to continue being that Church, it’s going to take a commitment by everyone who calls this their church to practice this…

  • Here’s two ways we can live this out…
    • Raw Honesty with God and Each Other

Here’s what I mean. If we want to be a place that is real, authentic, and accepts people where they are at, then it starts with us. We can’t put on a face when we walk through these doors. If you had a rough day, don’t pretend it’s okay. If you are struggling with a sin, don’t hide it. Whatever kind of week you’ve had a good week, a bad week, a confusing week, a life changing week, don’t hide it when you come here.

I’ll be honest, this is easy to say. But it’s really hard to live out. I can do a pretty good job of hiding what’s really going on in my life. And every so often God reminds me that I need to be honest with who I am and where I’m at. In those moments I have a choice to make. Do I want to keep hiding? Do I want to pretend everything is okay? Or do I want to be vulnerable when someone asks me how my day is going because maybe I’m really not okay.

When we decide to be real, when we decide to be honest, we are taking a risk. It can be one of the most difficult things we can do. But we’ve got too. If we want this to be a church where everyone is welcome, where everyone can find hope, where everyone can encounter Jesus. Then it starts with us being honest. But it doesn’t end there. We’ve also got to…

Love People Where They Are At

Here’s our biggest fear… If I’m honest, If I tell someone what is really going on in my life, they will kick me out. They will judge me. I’ll lose a friend. They won’t treat me the same… That’s our fear.

So, if we are going to practice raw honesty then we have stop shooting our wounded. We’ve got to love people with whatever they have going on in their life. No matter what they look like, act like, sound like, we love them.

The church is a place where people find healing, not condemnation. And we cannot be the church that Jesus came to establish if we are judging people and telling them to get their stuff together first. We’ve got to love everyone where they are at.

We got our work cut out on this because a whole lot of people think Jesus just wants to judge them. A whole lot of people think Jesus wants them to fix their life before He will even consider loving them. A whole lot of people think the church is a place for holy people. And we’ve got to change that misconception.

We can be the church that stops misquoting Jesus and telling those around us that they need to get their stuff together before following Jesus. We can be the Church that is honest about what is going on in our life. We can be the Church that loves everyone regardless of who they are. We can be that Church, I believe it.


Pastor Toby Guill219-850-3768 (cell)


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